Spring is in Full Swing

Great fishing so far this spring. The weather has been all over the map and we have had to cancel a few trips due to weather and or high flows, but we still have managed to have more productive days than slow ones.

Spring is when we start having success fishing surface flies on the Colorado River. So far we have had a few really good days fishing on top, but slow sinking streamers have been the most productive.  As the water temperatures warm the topwater fishing should pick up. 

So far this spring most of our trips have been on the Colorado River. In spite of the drought the Colorado is in really good shape this year. The flow is good and the water is clear. Our other option in the near future will be the San Marcos River. We typically have some of the best fishing on the San Marcos once it really gets hot in Central Texas. All in all things are looking good for the rest our spring season. Check out the photos below.