Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

So fall is finally here in Central Texas and with it comes the promise of a wet and cool few months, thanks to the strongest El Nino in years. In the short term heavy rains and flooded rivers have put a damper on our fishing. But, we are lucky to have so many different fishing opportunities in central Texas. In spite of the rain we have been able to get out and catch a few fish. The long term outlook is great. We just have to be flexible and be prepared to change plans depending on current conditions. The last time we had a strong El Nino winter and spring we had great fishing on our rivers for a couple of years afterward. 

Bass fishing should still be an option for a good while. The Colorado River is beginning to clear up after the most recent rains and the river is healthier than ever. The Colorado River could provide some great fishing all through the winter. The San Marcos River is still pretty high and muddy. It may or may not clear up before the water cools off too much for the bass.  The Llano should be good after the recent rains once it clears. Timing is everything on the Llano. Go to soon after a rain and the river will be muddy. If you wait too long it may be a tough float with more dragging the boat than floating.  Hopefully the rain this fall and winter will help increase the base flows on the Llano. 

Trout fishing on the Guadalupe should be better than it has been in years. Last Mays' rains filled Canyon Lake and that triggered the minimum flows for the Guadalupe River this summer. At the moment it looks like we will have higher flows on the river this fall and winter as well. Fishing on the Guadalupe River is much better when we have higher flows during the winter. All in all it is looking good for Central Texas fishing in the next few months.