Now is the time for Guadalupe River trout Fishing


If you have been waiting for the fishing to get good on the Guadalupe River,  the wait is over. The last couple of weeks have been some of the best fishing in years. Higher flows due to a wet year have really helped return the Guadalupe River to it's top 100 trout streams status.

High flows early season made wade fishing dangerous, but float fishing was still good. In the last week or so flows have dropped to near 300 cubic feet per second (CFS) below Canyon Lake. 300 cfs is usually safe to wade if you are careful. Float fishing is still the easiest way to fish the Guadalupe. 

As in most tailwater streams the Guadalupe River is primarily a nymphing river. We  have great hatches of many different bugs, but most of our fish will be caught down deep with strike indicator nymph rigs. Because the Guadalupe is such a fertile river there are numerous patterns that will work. Everything from stonefly nymphs to tiny midge patterns. Check out a few photos from the last couple of weeks on the Guadalupe.