Fall is Here!

Cooler temps mean hot fishing! After another long hot Texas summer fall is finally here. Water temperatures in our local rivers are starting to fall as well. I spite of the ongoing drought we have been having good flows on the Colorado and San Marcos Rivers. The water temperatures are below 70 degrees and the bass are starting to get much more active. Depending on the weather we should have at least another month of good bass fishing before it is time to start thinking about Guadalupe River trout fishing. It's time to go fishing.

Another Great Season in the Mountains

Mid August means I am heading back to Texas after another great season guiding in the Vail Valley of Colorado. I would like to say thanks to everyone who fished with me this summer. I couldn't have done it without you. I also want to thank all the guys at Vail Valley Anglers. Without a doubt you guys are the best fly shop and guide service I have ever been a part of. 

Higher than average snow pack made a real difference on the rivers this summer. It was one of the best float seasons on the Eagle River in years. We had lots of double digit days and most of our fish were caught on dry flies. The Colorado River was in fine form as well. We were catching big Brown Trout on hopper patterns a month earlier than usual. Higher than normal flows delayed the fishing on the Roaring Fork, but by late July it was on fire as well. From what I have been hearing the fishing continues to be great. It looks like fall fishing should be awesome as well. 

It may seem like a long way off, but I am already booking dates for next summer. I am usually there from the beginning of July until mid to late August. Get in touch with Vail Valley Anglers to book a date with me next summer or any of the other great guides working there year round. Check out some photos of this summers highlights. 

Spring is in Full Swing

Great fishing so far this spring. The weather has been all over the map and we have had to cancel a few trips due to weather and or high flows, but we still have managed to have more productive days than slow ones.

Spring is when we start having success fishing surface flies on the Colorado River. So far we have had a few really good days fishing on top, but slow sinking streamers have been the most productive.  As the water temperatures warm the topwater fishing should pick up. 

So far this spring most of our trips have been on the Colorado River. In spite of the drought the Colorado is in really good shape this year. The flow is good and the water is clear. Our other option in the near future will be the San Marcos River. We typically have some of the best fishing on the San Marcos once it really gets hot in Central Texas. All in all things are looking good for the rest our spring season. Check out the photos below.

Good Day on the Guadalupe river 1-25-14

We had a good day on the Guadalupe River this Saturday. The day started off in the mid 20s, but warmed into the upper 70s by lunch time. The trout were in an eating mood. The most productive flies were small mayfly emergers and San Juan Worms. We also caught a few fish on larger attractor flies. Most of out trout were i the 14" to 16" range. The river is still low, but the water is very cold and the trot are very strong and put up quite a fight. Check out the photos below.

Colorado River Still Going Strong

In spite of the recent cold weather the Colorado river fishing is still going strong. The last few days have been some of the best this fall. We have been catching white bass over 2 pounds, Guadalupe bass up to 3 pounds and largemouth bass to 5 pounds. The water clarity is at about 3 feet and the temps are getting colder but not enough to slow the fish down. Sub surface patterns like Clouser Minnows and crawfish patterns are the most productive right now. The weather looks good for most of next week until the next cold front. If you are thinking about fishing the Colorado River now is the time.

No Black Friday Crowds on the Colorado River

I fished the Colorado River today with Jeff and Gwen. It was Gwen's first time fishing with a fly rod. Within minutes she was making some great casts. Jeff got things started with a few white bass on a baitfish imitation. Gwen caught the first Guadalupe Bass a few minutes later. It was a nice one. Jeff continued to catch a few more white bass and a couple more Guadalupe Bass. Things slowed down for a while most likely due to cooler than normal water temperatures. Things warmed up later in the day and Jeff caught several nice largemouth bass. The most productive patterns baitfish patterns and crawfish flies.

Cold and Lonely Guadalupe River 11-26-13

I fished the Guadalupe today with Jason and his dad Larry Morgan. It was in the low 30s to start the morning and we had quite a stiff wind.The mostly cloudy sky made it seem even colder. The good thing was that we had the river to ourselves. No other guides and only a handful of waders. It took a while for the fish to get going, but once things warmed up a bit we starting to catch a few nice rainbow trout. The best fish was about 17 inches caught on a size 20 RS2. We had decent action until early afternoon and the fish seemed to shut down. All in all it was a good early season day trout fishing on the Guadalupe River.

Great Fishing on the Colorado River 11-18-13

I fished the Colorado River below Austin today with Randy Randel. We fished the area of the river that was hit by the Halloween floods. The river has changed dramatically. Lots of new gravel bars, islands and very little weed growth. The water has really cleared up and the fishing was great. We caught white Bass, Guadalupe Bass, Largemouth Bass and a huge Rio Grande Perch. Most productive fly was a crawfish pattern. 

November Fishing Forecast

With the time change and cooler weather fall is certainly upon us. Recent heavy rains have given our local rivers a much needed boost. The next few weeks should provide some great opportunities on our waters. Time to get out and fish!

Ben Got His Big One

I fished the Colorado River today with Ben Thompson and his mom Suzanne. The action was hit or miss for most of the day, but we were catching fish. Ben has fished with me a few times in the last couple of years usually with his dad Mike Thompson. Usually Mike caches the fish of the day. Like this one. Today was Ben's turn. We were fishing with an assortment of poppers and divers. Ben had switched to a deer hair diving minnow when he made a cast to a great looking eddy neat the bank He thought that there had to be a fish there, when bam it hit! After a good fight Ben landed his best ever bass. We continued to catch fish sporadically for the rest of the day.

Ben Thompson with his best bass

Fall is Here!

After another great summer guiding In Colorado I am back in Texas. Recent rains and cooler temperatures have done wonders for our local waters. The Colorado River has gotten several big rises and the excess weed growth is pretty much gone. This is perfect timing for the fall and winter fishing on the Colorado. The river will be low and clear and as the water temperatures drop the bass should really go on the feed. The San Marcos River has been consistent through out the summer and should fish well for the next month or so. The Llano is floatable for the first time in months, and once it clears up we may have a couple of weeks of good fishing there as well. Right now is one of the best times of year to get out and enjoy some of our wonderful hill country fishing.

Alvin and Jeff take the hog for a test drive.

Good to be in Colorado

Thanks to everyone who made it to Colorado to fish with me this summer. The guys at Vail Valley Anglers did a great job keeping me busy when I wasn't booked with my regular clients. Due to some late winter snows, the rivers were in great shape this summer. We had some awesome fishing during the caddis hatch on the Eagle River. We caught some of the biggest rainbows I have ever seen on the Eagle. The Roaring Fork was consistent as usual. Especially on the upper less fished more technical sections. Fishing on the Colorado River was really good later in the season. Lots of cold water and some really great dry fly fishing for some big brown trout. All in all it was a great season. It is never too early to book your dates for next summer. 

End of April on the Colorado River

Increased flows and a few decent rain showers have led to off color water on the Colorado River. Fishing on the lower sections of the river has been tough. We have been catching some nice fish on the upper sections of the river. The most productive flies have been big noisy poppers. The strikes have been very aggressive. As soon as the water clears up the fish should go into a feeding frenzy.

We Need The Rain 4-10-13

We really need the rain that has fallen on Central Texas the last week or so. The Rivers have been muddy, but we have still managed to catch a few nice fish. The most productive p patterns have been big noisy poppers. Things should really be hot once the water clears up.

3-27 and 3-28 Colorado River

I spent a couple of days fishing with Greg Mentzer and George Ward. We Had a couple of really good days fishing the Colorado River Between Webberville and Smithville. Quite a few nice Guadalupe and Largemouth bass were caught. We had several Largemouth ass over 5 pounds. Most of our fish were caught on sub surface patterns. Crawfish patterns seemed to be the most effective. We did manage to get a few on poppers and the topwater fishing should really improve in the next few weeks.

3-26-13 Colorado River

I did an afternoon float on the Colrado near Utley. After a couple of cold mornings things really heated up with the bright sunny weather and crystal clear water. We caught quite a few nice Guadalupe and Largemouth Bass. We did catch a few on poppers, but most of our fish ate streamers. 

3-25-13 Colorado River

We had a really cold start this morning on the Colorado Near Smithville. I was fishing with Larry Sunderland and Taylor Streit. We caught a few fish in the morning but things really got going later in the day. verything was caught on sub surface patterns. Most of the fish we caught were Guadalupe Bass up to 2 pounds.

3-21-13 Colorado River

Good fishing today on the Colorado River. The day started off kind of slow and got better as it got warmer. Spring is defiantly under way. We caught quite a few nice Guadalupe Bass as well as a handful of Largemouth bass. The best was a Largemouth bass of around 4 pounds. At the end of the day we had boated between 30 and 40 fish and all of them were caught on top!