Llano River

The Llano River is formed in Kimble County by the union of the North and South Llano Rivers. The main stream flows east through Kimble, Mason, and Llano Counties for approximately 100 miles where it joins the Colorado River and aids in forming Lake Lyndon B. Johnson. The Llano is a spring-fed stream of the Edwards Plateau and is widely known for its scenic beauty. 

The Llano is home to the Guadalupe Bass, the Texas state fish. Sometimes referred to as the "Texas Trout" because of  its fondness for faster flowing water and its fighting ability when hooked. 

Also found in the Llano River are largemouth bass, several species of sunfish, catfish, gar, carp and our native cichlid the Rio Grande Perch. Most days on the river will produce a mixed bag of several types of fish. 

We float several stretches of the Llano River.  We have 3 stretches near the town of Mason and 2 near the town of Castell. These are all full day floats. Multi day trips are an option. All float trips are done in comfortable, stable whitewater rafts.

The Llano River is the most remote river we fish in the hill country. Most days on the river we don't see anyone else. This is truly a get away from it all experience.